Bulgarian 9x18 dummies

Does anyone have information about these 9x18 improvised dummies? They were found in Bulgaria with other well known Bulgarian military dummies in other calibers. Both are made from fired cases.

10 93 headstamp:


9х18 ТПЗ headstamp:


the first is more like 9x19?

They wood bullet dummy meets the norm for Bulgarian dummy cartridges made
by the police for police use. The information I have is that they are not a form
generally used by the military. I have one identical to the one shown, including
the Russian Cyrillic version of “TPZ” (Tula Cartridge Works) headstamped case…
I have samples of the 9 x 19 mm version with plain wood bullets, and
when I collected 7.9 x 57, I had some in that caliber with plain wood
bullets as well. The 9 x 19 mm Para rounds, two specimens,one having a 1933-dated
Bulgarian headstamp, standard for the caliber, with the second round having a WWI
German headstamp, from Spandau, “S 10 17”.

I am not at all familiar with the one with the blue plastic (?) bullet. They may be just
a newer version of the police dummy rounds.

Millitary dummy rounds in caliber 7.62 x 25 mm and 9 mm Parabellum have three
grooves around the case, much like, and hard to tell from, Russian dummy rounds.
I have not seen that type that I could tell might be from Bulgaria in the caliber
9 x 18 mm Makarov. All I have seen of that style and caliber, and I have a large number of
headstamps in them, are of USSR manufacture.

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John Moss

John, great information, thank you very much.

I forgot to mention one thing. As Fede said, these are made
on fired cases. The primer cups, always snapped on the few I have
seen, including mine, appear to be those loaded in the cases with
the original factory loading. Basically, these dummy rounds are just
a wood bullet put into an empty, fired case, which has been resized,
and then after the bullet is inserted, had a roll crimp applied to the
mouth. The crimps on the 9 x 19 mm Para appear to be slightly
heavier than that on my Makarov round, the latter showing almost
no crimp at all.

John Moss