Bullard headstamps

Here is a 40-90 with a Bullard headstamp. I believe they were manufactured by UMC. What other Bullard calibers had the “Bullard” headstamp.



sorry I don’t have time to look but there could be something in the old mags under the ‘Wits End’ section. I would imagine that there’s some new made cases out there but I would have thought that one off you Americans could answer those questions. Personaly I have nothing at all in my collection

Roper, thanks for the reply.

At your suggestion I did look at “Wits End” sections but only found Winchester headstamp. In my search I did find some UMC Bullard boxes but the headstamps were not pictured.

Were the “Bullard” headstamps sold in UMC boxes or were they manufactured by UMC and distributed by Bullard in their own packaging?


Citation: Bullard Firearms, G, Scott Jamieson, 2002. A Schiffer Military History book. Chapter 9 is titled "Cartridges: Developments, Patents, Calibers, and Reloading Tools.

If you are seriously interested in things Bullard, from cartridges to rifles to steam-powered automobiles, this is the go-to reference. Pricey, mine was $200, for one of my writing projects.

Photos & line drawings of all the Bullard cartridges, two dozen or more photos of boxes, mostly UMC, but some Winchester. HS drawings, again mostly UMC, but some WRACo and some plain. One HS drawing of REM-UMC 50-115.

There are no mentions of just a BULLARD HS.

I thought the 50-115 had a had a Bullard HS but I don’t seems to have one.
At any rate here are some boxes



Thanks for looking. Nice collection of Bullard boxes!


Thanks for your reply. I guess I’ll need to look for a cheap copy of Scott Jamieson book.