Bullet caliber and date


Hello as a new contributer to IAA may I pose a question?
As a general dealer in the Uk, I take an interest in Trench Art and Military items.
I have just come by a small Miner’s Lamp crudely made from a bullet case and would like to have detail of age or battle area involved.
It has no bullet idents left but was made from a copper boddied, brass rimmed bullet. No length available as it has been cut down but the rim diameter is 17.5mm and the copper base diameter 15mm ( diameters are within about
5 thou" as some distortion evident)
Any offers of info will be appreciated. Pics available but how do I include them?


Welcome Les
Umm do you have a bullet jacket, or a shell casing?
The bullet is the part that is launched out the barrel, while the shell case is A) what holds the assembeled cartridge together and B) is the part that remains after the gun is fired.
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Howdy Les
The headstamp, if any, on the bottom (base or head) of the case would be most helpful.


Anything stamped on the base would be useful even if it appears to be just a random collection of numbers or letters. The typeface and size of the lettering or numbers is useful to an expert and we do have some on here although I am most definitely not one of them.

Lets start at the beginning, has it got the British “broad arrow” like a wide V with a line up the middle? Also, any date is likely to be only the last two digits so we would be looking for something like 14, 15, 16 etc

At 15mm base size it sounds to me like it could well be a snider or Martini case.
Or equally one of the many civilian derivatives.


Hello Tailgunner and all those other kind replies.
I have put a poor pic on PHOTOBUCKET IN:-


All idents are missing except perhaps a fine groove all round approx 22mm from the base end. Just above the ‘lamp’ apperture.
the base was drilled and refilled finishing with a plug of cork or wadding.
All offers of info greatly appreciated,

Regards, Les


That link dosn’t seem to work (at least for me).
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Thank again TAILGUNNER.
I found Photobucket difficult but appear to have succeeded above with the original message mod.



It looks to me like .50 Spencer blank rimfire cartridge. Or any .50 Spencer cut down with bullet removed.

Here is a sample of mine which has very similar dimensions:


Many thanks Aaron. That’s certainly the closest seen. and is confirmed elsewhere on Google. Have quoted your guess (not you personally) as I am hoping to pass this on via Ebay.I trust that doesn’t offend. I picked this item up in the UK Midlands which is surrounded by coal and other mines. Perhaps a British miner sent it home for the loved ones ??
Kind regards,