Bullet construction

Seeing Birdseye’s post on the 1" projectal got me to thinking if anybody has done a study on bullet construction? Have a small collection that are all identified but with all different types over the years many are hard to identify. Does anybody know what a Calhoon double hollowpoint looks like, a Peters Belted, Van Kampen & Cox Universal etc, etc?



The Peters Belted was discussed on a thread not too long ago. There was also a thread on the Herters Wasp Waist Sonic and the Wasp Waist Sonic Missle Tail. I have a couple of the Calhoon Double Hollow Point bullets. They’re the ones with a hollow point on the front and a deep dimple on the base, right? There’s another bullet just the opposite - the B&A Conical Base. I’ve never heard of the Van Kampen & Cox Universal but I like the name. How about the Spencer Ugly.

I did a JOURNAL article on the US Protected Point bullets a year or two ago.

Bullets are interesting. I’m surprised there aren’t more collectors who like them.