Bullet gifts... let's see yours

My daughter knows I love bullets and tequila… this year, for my birthday, she found a way to combine the two

I got these for my birthday last year:

What have you guys gotten that’s bullet related?


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I’ve seen those bullet glasses, very interesting process how they make them.

I generally get guns/ammo money from my parents for my birthday anyway as they know that’s what I enjoy. The annual gunshow is normally held on or very close to ny birthday too so I generally come home from that laden with birthday gifts lol.

I gave one of the Lucky Shot 30mm shot glasses to a coworker for a secret Santa gift (after engraving the bottom with an inside joke from the office).

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These aren’t “bullet gifts”, but they are some cartridge paintings (artwork)

that I finished recently.

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Here is another one


Savage32, those are very nice!

A chrome-plated salt and pepper set from 20x42B ammo for the Neopup PAW, given to me by the designer. The projectiles are genuine, the cases not.


Thank you Pete

Those are gorgeous!

Bigger is better. This is made from Chinese 12.7x108 and a 37x252R.
All steel cases sprayed in brass paint and tack-welded together.
I pulled another style to pieces for the 37mm with unfired projectile.It had 14.5mm
cases for the motors and had black tips under the paint when I stripped them.

Headstamps are: 9901 71.
9901 72
41. 70

                        4-75.  9343
                       56-72  384  Y


Ron, they are 12.7x108.
The 37mm projectile is a great item as very hard to find. Does it have any markings?
And what are the markings on the fuze?

Here are just a few of the ammo novelty things I carry in the store. Salt & Pepper shakers in the rear middle, with bobbers & knives in front of them. The shotshell toilet brush holder desperately needs to find a home. You can see a shotshell coin bank in the rear left as well, it makes a shotgun shooting noise when a coin is put in.


Here are most of my novelty cartridge items:

  • Shotshell mugs
  • Bullet glass
  • GAU-8 shot glasses
  • Bullet tank
  • 12.7x108mm and .50 BMG bottle openers
  • Headstamp coasters
  • 10-round 7.62x39mm ice cube mold

I also have a string of Christmas lights that have various colored shotgun shells crimped over the bulbs.


Can these novelty items be mailed outside of USA? To Canada, specifically.

I like to make keychains from once-live WWII or earlier ammo. I sell it in my store.


1971 Mauser cigarette lighter. Given to me by a good friend and former Mauser export sales manager.

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Here’s a replica of a 40x46SR Brugger & Thomet composite baton grenade… which is actually a pepper grinder mill.image image


That’s cool. Very realistic looking.

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