Bullet ID and S&B...?

1. Bullet from… ?



2. Hunting “cartridge”…?

“The same” question : could it be related to the WW2…?

Thank you.

7.5 could be any number of military rounds. Where was it found?

The Sellier & Bellot 16 ga shotgun shell base is likely not military, but has been a popular hunting cartridge for a hundred years, and was a paper hull. I would like to know the date of that headstamp also.
Sellier & Bellot, (Vlasim, Czech Republic) has been making ammunition for nearly, if not more than, 180 years.

  1. The same place/zone… : former WW2 battlefield : soviets vs axis (german/romanian forces, 1944…)

  2. I expected somehow… In fact, I wondered what is that “16” number…?! (…the same zone…)

The base of the military bullet makes me think that is from a 7.62x54R Russian cartridge, for the Moisin-Nagant rifle or for one of the MGs using the same cartridge. I have measured the diameter of a few hundred salvaged post-war 7.62 Russian bullets and find the diameters to vary widely (7.75 mm to 8.03 mm), even when the cartridges are taken from the same tin.

If we factor in war-time production from unknown sources, weathering & chemical changes from 70+ years it is not surprising to find a reduction in diameter, especially if found in an acidic soil, as in a pine forest.