Bullet ID please

I have this 6.5mm Mauser and I am looking for info on the bullet. Is it a stuffer or modified? I can not find any image matching or information on this. Thank you in advance.

Dominion made 6,5x54 Mannlicher Schoenauer hunting ammo for the M1903 Steyr MS sporter ( great deer rifle)
Definitly NOT any 6,5 “Mauser”
( 6,5x54 K, 6,5x55 Swede, 6,5x57 sporting, 6,5 x58 Portuguese Vergueiro)
Measure head diameter of Dominion case…it should be .448" or so: all the “Mauser” cases willbe
.468" to .470" or bigger:-Swede. 475".

Byw, trying tofire a 6,5MS in a Mauser chamber will result in catastrophic destruction of rifle.

Doc AV

Thank you Doc AV, you are correct. The head diameter measures 0.445” and the case length is 2.093, not 2.158” (plus/minus) like my other Mausers

I am a relative new collector and am fast learning that identifying cartridges by holding next to a known specimen is not the way to go with ambiguous or unknown head stamps. My library of books and knowledge is slowly growing.