Bullet ID

the diameter of this bullet is 9.08 mm and its lenght is 20.42 mm.
I think it is probably a military one but I don’t know what cartridge could had been loaded with it.It was found in the same box with a 9 mm Largo unfired case,but I think it is too long for this cartridge (I tried to put it into the case but the cannelure remained well 2 mm outside the neck)
There is exposed lead on the base


It has the profile of a British .380 revolver round. Compare that to the weight of your bullet.

I think you are correct.
Thank you!


I have put the bullet into a 380 MKII case.It is identical to my 380 MKII sample with cupronickel bullet.
So,I found another mistake in the Brandt’s book:there is written that this cartridge was loaded with cupronickel bullets only…