Bullet Identification

Attached are a couple of photos of 2 bullets I have had for 20 plus years and am now trying to identify!

The first is nylon or bakelite type material, dark red/maroon in colour. Approx measurements are length 15.36 mm (0.603 in), diameter 9.02 mm (.355 in).

The second I believe to be a .308 bullet but it has on open tip with what appears to be a blue plastic filling. Is this some kind of glaser safety slug. Measurements are 27.2 mm (1.071) in length, 7.82 mm (.308 in) in diameter



Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


John P

The 9mm red projectile looks like a Swedish Blank projectile that I have in Karlsborg cases from 1944-1950. I have not seen a pulled projectile but looks similar.


Many thanks for this.

John P

Swedish blank M/39


Thanks Chickenthief,

I’ve just looked at this site and I think mine is the second one described as the early type as it’s definitely the darker of the two shown.

Evening all, I was just wondering if anyone can help with the copper/open tip bullet, any help or comments would be appreciated.


John P

John the copper open tip bullet looks like an Glaser Safety Slug (blue colour inside the open tip).

r308, Many thanks for the information.

John P