Bullet identification

I found about a dozen of these bullets whilst I was metal detecting a dried out lake on the grounds of a large house that was used as a military hospital during world war 1.
I was wondering if anyone on your forum could identify them for me. Are they from the great war or are they modern? What type of gun would have fired them, maybe a pistol of some sort? I have posted some photographs and will give you some dimensions.

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Danny Jones

Bullet size .450
Casing diameter.475
Overall length.1.250
Lip length (head stamp end) .530
Casing length .750
All sizes are appropriate but measured with a verbier caliper

Hi This is a photograph of the bullet. Regards Danny.

R ^ L C II
Royal Laboratories ( ^ = Broad Arrow, British Gov’t Property Mark)
C Cordite
II Mark II ( Roman 2)
Date…from1892 to 1902 approx.
No year dates applied to cartridge at this time.
Calibre .303 ( 7.7x56R), Mark II andlater Mk. VI used a 215 GR.,Round-nosed cylindrical bullet, in a Cupro-Nickel jacket.
over a charge of Cordite, MD.
Velocity in Magazine Lee Enfield,
(Long barrel) about 1850 FPS.
Used in NorthWest Frontier ( 1892—) Boer War, other colonial fracas up to 1910s ( to use up old stock)
Replaced 1902? By Mark VI, slightly redesigned bullet, charge of Cordite MD-T ( tubular).
Replaced by Mark VII ( 174 gn Spitzer in 1907-10 or so.

Cartridge found in WWI site probably old stock utilised for training with obsolete MLE rifles, or for guard duty by second line troops.


Just seen the Photo…delete all reference to.303 cartridge…
Revolver cartridge Cal .455 Mark II Cordite, for Webley Revolvers and later Colt and S&W WW I revolvers.
Headstamp same origin, and easily confused for .303 of same period.
Doc AV

Many thanks for the quick reply Danny.