Bullet Manufacture Identification AP

Hey all,

Need your superpowers in ID of this bullet.

It is M80 style, however slightly different.
1- OAL 1.1415
2- Diameter in front of cannelure .3085 (adhesive prevents diameter behind Cannelure)
3- steel core
4- weight 9.5830 grams
5-appearance more yellow copper so maybe not 90/10?0115191050 0115191056

So my guess is eastern block?

Thanks Jay

Jay, steel core or just a magnetic jacket?

An M80 should be lead core and I do not recall an “eastern” (Serbia, Poland, Lithuania or Czech Rep.) M80 with steel core.

It appears to be steel core as magnet sticks to the metal coming out the base. It will stick to the tip, however is pulls hard to get to the body. It I tilt the magnet 10 degrees it will move up to the body.

So what we see in the back is steel and no lead right?

Why you think it is an M80 then?
And does the weight square with a regular M80?

Do you have more than one maybe and can cut one open?


So it is an old M80 promo with copper steel clad jacket. We believe the lead was squeezed out the base to give it the weird shape.

Hard to tell who made it and when.

Thanks for the help.


The copper clad steel is most likely I think. The experts here should be able to say more on the known variants.
I assume there might have been several manufacturers of M80 in the US and let alone all the testing that went on.
The squeezed out lead in the base is observed on some bullets. I do not fully understand how this can happen but it is documented on various calibers and for many decades.