Bullet marks

It seems this case and this bullet belong together when I compare the mark on case and bullet. But is it? Case is a WWI Mauser 8x57. What about the marks on the bullet? Can somebody out there tell me something about these marks? And so, is the bullet belonging to the case indeed or am I fooled up by a would be collector?

The case is indeed German and from the Great War, but the bullet is a French balle D of copper alloy intended for the 8 m/m Lebel cartridge and is of pre-war manufacture. Jack

This is a classic case of possible identity confusion if you don’t know your stuff, which jack DOES. I might have identified ADI with an “08” bullet marking as being a 7.62 NATO bullet from Australian Defense Industries (I think that is what ADI “down under” stands for) made in 2008! Jack is certainly right, however!

In this case ADI is ‘Atelier de construction de Douai’.

Hi, this is a ball of 8 mm Lebel (manufactured by ADI : Atelier de construction de Douai) and the Germans loaded cartridges with french bullets recovered, during the war. I’ll post soon a label box.


you are correct that ADI is the acronym for Australian Defence Industries, however I believe it will only be found on ammunition cases. I haven’t heard of them “headstamping” projectiles.

I’m hoping to spend a week in Melbourne with Peter White, early March. He has all my notes and my Aust military collection, so after that I may be a little more up to speed. I must admit I’m really looking forward to this visit. I’ve been too long out of the loop.



I agree that ADI Australia doesn’t stamp bullet bases. I was just pointing out the pitfalls of identifying some stampings. The combination of initials used on other ammunition and a date that could be from the 20th or 21st Century shows the need for understanding the bigger picture of ammunition when interpreting markings. As I mentioned, the opening answer to the question was correct, and as usual, our other Forum buddies were quick to fill in all the details. Great group, including you, of course.

Bullet markings are interesting. I wish I knew more about them. They do occur in my field, but only with a few manufacturers like DWM, with their bullet numbers often molded into the exposed lead-core’s base. Their are others, of course, but in the overall field of auto pistol, base-marked bullets are a small minority.