Bullet Puller


My husband bought a interia bullet puller and one of the warnings was not to use on Black powder. My question is why?


I was unaware that they had that warning, although my pullers are all pretty old, so its been a long time since I have looked at the instructions for one of these. I am not aware of an issue with black powder itself, but there is the matter of rimfire cartridges, which should never be used in an inertia puller. In regards to black powder, with some cartridges, you don’t have a clue what kind of powder you are dealing with.

Do the warnings also mention not using it for rimfire cartridges?


Yes they mention not using on Rimfires


I’m not aware of any way to ignite black powder other than with heat (spark, flame, or whatever). I believe you can hammer on it all day long and not get it to ignite, provided a spark is not produced in the process.


You will find the black powder warning on a lot of reloading tools now-a-days. It’s a lawyer thing. CYA.



CAROLYN and Guy,

I’ve wondered about that warning myself. The rimfire issue is rather obvious…Regarding the pulling of Black Powder, I would think it’s not so much the danger of ignition of the powder, but what if it did light off. While smokeless powder would generally vent off making a bunch of heat, flame and some smoke, I think black powder would possibly make for a small bomb sending chunks of plastic parts in all directions at high velocity.

I’ve noticed some powder measurers/chargers are indicated as not for black powder. I assumed this was due to the shearing effect of the powder as the measure is actuated. Or, perhaps there is a concern of static with plastic components found in pullers as well?


Added: Ray, I think the warnings should read: “Do Not Use This Product” as to provide an out for the maker!


I have always understood this warning as a “static electricity” problem that “might” cause the bang effect.

I have 3 pullers and they are so old now that nothing clings to the inside walls, but with black powder it does not take much to make it go boom.

I like life so I would probably heed the warnings myself just for that one in a million chance.

As a side note, I never did like the way the inside of these things are made, as the bullet comes out of the case it slams down against the bottom of the puller. And the reinforcement ridges cause damage to the bullet a lot of times. To fix this I put a piece of cotton tee shirt material stuffed down in the bottom of the puller, so as to catch the bullet and not cause that damage, it works very well.


And, of course, “May contain nuts” ;-)