Bullet shell id

Found a bullet shell metal detecting at a gun range operational in the 1950s and 60s in South Australia.
The headstamp says MF and 018 or 310 (not sure which number it is) in the photo below I have placed a .22 for comparison. The measurement is 9mm by 28mm

.310 Cadet Rifle




Sorry for duplicity…I have uploaded pictures prior reading another thread.

WWII Australian production FMJ
for use by Volunteer Defence Force
In case of Japanese Invasion.
MF Footscray No. 1 SAA FACTORY
MG Footscray No. 2 SAA FACTORY
Only made during 1942-4, in FMJ.
Lead bulleted cartridges are from
Early 1900s to WWII.( mostly imported, although Footscray did make small lots before WWI.).

Doc AV