Bullet types in 8mm lebel


The two bullets were bought two years apart. One in Germany and the other in the UK when I bought a collection. Both were live and not reloaded. The bullet in the collection had been there for many years so the chance that a collector or dealer put them in is pretty unlikely.

The bullets without the cannelure came out of the cases shown. TS 28 C 2 wt=12.78 grams length=34.74mm…TS 28 BS 3 wt=12.91 grams length=35.26mm
The bottom bullet is I think is a M1932N wt=15.08 grams length=38.2mm

I understand that there was a 1923 bullet which just about fits but that had a cannelure. There is also 1917 Spitzer bullet which its close to but don’t know if it had a cannelure…yet again any help would be good…thanks…paul.