Bullets ID needed

I would like to know the correct commercial name of the bullet loaded on this 9.3 x 62 cartridge,and the names of the second and third bullet in the second picture (from a 244 H&H and a 5.6 vom hofe cartridge,as written,here compared to a bronze point bullet from a 270 winchester round)



I can’t be of much help in naming those particular bullets. But, i do know that you can probably find a lot of information with a patent search since most of them were patented in the first half of the 20th Century.

I wrote a JOURNAL article (Issue #445) on the United States bullets and it would be nice if someone could do the same for the European designs. Hint, hint.

You might also find information in the writings of the late Jim Sones.

Good Luck


Hi Pivi - the .244 H&H blt you show was called ‘Copper Pointed’ or ‘Copper Tube Pointed’ or ‘Copper Tipped’ - take your pick. Regards JohnP-C

Thank you all…