Bullets ID

Who can help me to identify these bullets? I have find them in the Ionian see near Vlora, Albania.
Thank you


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Looking at your photo, the distinctive crimp holding the bullet in the cartridge case (neck crimp) seems to indicate these are Italian 6.5 x 52mm Mannlicher-Carcano cartridges.

A photo of the headstamp will help to confirm this.

Photo example, below, from Cartuccia a pallottola ordinaria Mod. 91 e Mod. 91/95 cal.6,5 by Giovanni Defrancisci http://www.munizioni.eu/italiane2/16-italiane/6-5-x-52-mannnlicher-carcano/44-6-5-x-52-mannnlicher-carcanobase.html

Specifically: http://www.munizioni.eu/italiane2/16-italiane/6-5-x-52-mannnlicher-carcano/57-bossoli.html



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Thank you for your answer.
Here it is the picture.