Bunch Of Dummies (30.06)

Sectioned 30.06 Dummies
From right to left:
FA/41 Lend Lease smooth with rod, chromed
RA/40 Lend Lease fluted, tinned?
UMC/2/07 Early 3 hole, fluted, tinned
FA/31 Segmented neck crimp, fluted, 3 hole, tinned
FA/40 Fluted, tinned case and bullet
FA/4 Smooth steel case 3 hole
FA/50 Smooth brass case 3 hole
FA/56 Fluted, double neck crimp
WRA co/18 Blackened case with wood rod
REM-UMC Commercial, tinned

The leftmost one has a mk.VII bullet? Interesting group. Jack

The left one is British made for the Home Guard using resized .303 Mark VII bullets. I cannot remember the Mark number a I am on my way to SLICS at present.


Why did they drill holes into the already fluted cases?

Also sectioned, but not in the picture, is another smooth rod lend lease with head stamp RA/ 1941/ 300Z. Its identical to the FA/ 41 lend lease. Drill D Mark IV ?