Bunter error on Canadian .303


I found this round in a box of mixed poor grade .303 British ammunition once owned by Greece. Origins were as diverse as UK, India, Canada, Aussie and NZ. This round is stamped DI42 at top and 45AC at bottom. Obviously a bunter error using 45acp bunter which is self explanatory. BUT has anyone else discovered one? Is it a common error?
Tom HB


The 303 with the DI42 45AC headstamp turns up regularly in Canada. It seems unlikely to be an error but reports that it was a “special lot” have not be substantiated - to my knowledge. It was common in many arsenals to use old bunters or bunters intended for other calibers to mark special lots for internal use. Luckily/unluckily some of these escape and end up with us wondering what and why.

The headstamp on this 303 was shown in a recent IAA Journal but, as yet, I have received no further information.


Thanks for your prompt reply Chris.
On that information if I had more I would dissect and check weights and powder types etc but I have alas only one.
The mystery, which could be very insignificant, continues yet.
Tom HB


Obviously a Bunter error in tool setting. The .303 bunter is “DI Z 43” and “VII”, the “Z” indicating a nitro loaded .303…AS .45AC was never loaded with Cordite in Canada, it didn’t need the “Z” in the headstamp…also because .45AC was never a “List of Changes” item.

As to whether it was a “Special Lot” or for “Internal use” or simply a “Mistake” we probably will never know… I plump for a “Toolsetter’s Mistake”.

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.