Buttweiler archive update for previous buyers

ANYONE WHO BOUGHT THE FIRST EDITION OF THE BUTTWEILER ARCHIVE; the second edition has the “click to find” program which finds the item for you directly from the index. The UPGRADE edition is available to previous buyers of record for $19.97 ppd.




To anyone who has not yet upgraded, this is well worth the small additional expense over the original ‘non-clickable’ version.

At the risk of reenforcing my “blow hard” status vested upon me by one of the IAA directors who is often on the FORUM (here is the quote -" You are nothing but a big-mouthed, arrogant, blow-hard ") - This second edition of the Buttweiler Archive is this lazy man’s answer to researching collector ammo. I have spent lots of my time looking for shells in the Buttweiler catalogues. I had my set library bound and used them often. I sold the set after having this DVD made.

This disc takes up a lot less space and is easy to take to shows. A special tool when ones has a lap top computer. No need to get over charged or screwed on a shell again !

Real sales with real prices at auction.

This single disc will save you time and money.

PS - MY MOUTH IS OF NORMAL SIZE the other statements are open to argument.