Buy-Sell-Trade clean up needed


If you have posted items on the Buy-Sell-Trade forum that are no longer needed, please delete them. If unsure how to do that just “edit” the subject line to “DELETE” and one of the moderators will delete the post.

Everyone is welcome to view and posts on the B-S-T forum, but only IAA members are eligible to post things there. (A membership benefit for those who pay for the IAA site.)

If you posted something on the B-S-T- forum a long time ago, feel free to post it again, but please delete the old one.

We will probably go back and delete B-S-T posts that are more than 60-90 days old.



John I just tried to do the clean up on my posts… When I did 'edit" the delete box thing at the top did not show up.//


If you cannot “delete” the post, then just edit the subject line so it reads “DELETE” and someone will delete the whole thing.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful on the mechanics, but Chris B is the expert on the technical aspects.


Got all of mine deleted but when can we re-enter, I have gotten good use out of these posts not a lot of hits but high Quality hits. Vic


Vic- Post new stuff any time you like. It is effective as a buy-sell-trade opportunity (for buyers and sellers!)

Just want to clean out stuff that is old, sold, no longer wanted, etc. People seldom look at more than the first page of stuff.