Buy/Sell/Trade Forum is up and running!

Howdy everyone…
The IAA Buy/Sell/Trade (BST) forum is up and running. A copy of the rules are listed below and the official rules are contained in an announcement on the BST forum. Some quick things I want to point out: The IAA Executive Board feels at this time only IAA members will be allowed to post to ads to the BST, but ALL may browse the ads and contact persons submitting ads. If you are an IAA member you’ll have to join the forum’s IAA Member Usergroup. Instructions for doing so are in rule 1b. All of these rules were written in conjunction with the IAA executive staff.

Have fun!

Rules for the IAA Buy/Sell/Trade Forum (revised 11/21/07)

1a. You must be an International Ammunition Association member in order to post on this page. Click here for membership information.

1b. You must also be a member of the IAA Member Usergroup on this forum. To join the IAA Member Usergroup, click Usergroup at the top of the page and request membership. Your user ID will be verified against official IAA membership records.

  1. Anyone can view and respond via private message or email to these ads regardless of IAA membership status.

  2. Only ads for collector cartridges or cartridge related items are allowed. No shooting quantities of ammunition. No ads are allowed for

Fantastic! I just listed 2 items and will look for more stuff.



Can we move some of the obvious advertising threads there?

Ads from the main discussion forum may or may not be moved. It depends on how much time John and I have. New ads will not be allowed on the general discussion forum.

Just curious why we can not “Edit” these posts after they are listed. I just learned quality information from a forum member that would be great to add to the description of 2 of my BST posts. Should I delete the post completely and re-list it over again with the new information added? Thanks so much for your help.


Absolutely no way to put posts for ECRA members ??


a. ECRA members who are also IAA members are welcome to post. ECRA membership alone does not qualify for posting on buy-sell-trade at this time. THis policy may be considered in the future.
b. If posters need to change their ad, they need to delete the old one and submit a new one.
c. We request that anyone with buy-sell-trade posts on the general discussion forum delete them by 31 December 2007. IF they are an IAA member, they are welcome to post on the BST forum. Any remaining after 31 December may be removed by the IAA forum staff, without notifcation to the original poster.
d. Buy-sell-trade posts are no longer allowed on the general discussion forum. Any new ones will be deleted.
e. Announcements of Cartridge Shows, Auctions etc belong on the BST page.

Thanks so much for the additional information and clarification, John. Much appreciated, I will remove some of my previous BST post and replace them with ones with updated information. :-)



With all the talk about this I am surprised not to see more interest. I have never thought that it was needed and was just someones prejudice against seeing items for sale posted on the forum. The folks who pushed this the most have posted NOTHING on the BST. In over 35 years of membership in the ICCA and then the IAA I have never bought nor sold a single cartridge as a result of the classified ads. Another collector told me this weekend that he ran ads continuously for 10 years in the JOURNAL for items fairly common items which he wanted and NEVER had 1 reply. The auctions on ebay, Auctionarms and Gunbroker have made the ammo collecting media ads of even less use.

I will move my ads to the new BST page once and after they expire I am done. The new format requires me to spend even more time on a project which is a money loser and an attempt to promote collecting. Certain of the “directors” of the IAA have made it more difficult to offer reference materials to the collectors for whatever their reasons are. In my case I am done trying to promote knowledge in this group against a tide of folks who wish to deter normal business practices. Most folks who earn a salary know nothing about business and the costs and time required to produce and offer products. The sales generated on this forum have been very small and I am not inclined to spend even more time resubmitting ads every 30 days.

The same few folks talking to each other over this forum will not make it grow.

Soliciting new people and offering them the basic tools for understanding and identification is the only way to keep this from becoming just another chat blog for a few folks with nothing else better to do.

The IAA has fewer members than it did 10 years ago. Think about it.

Dear administration,

The BST Forum is new, and I’m sure there will be some changes over time. I think the idea was to move all the FOR SALE threads out of the discussion forum. I would guess that you could still request info and people could offer to send you free info over the discussion forum. If something is FOR SALE, it should be on the BST Forum. That Forum will get busier over time, as people visit and collectors prepare advertisements.
I’m sure Chris or John will give you a better, official answer.

Yuri–If the reference information you are referring to is offered as either a link to scanned information or as FREE information, it may be posted on the General Forum.

If I feel it is information of lasting interest I will copy it to the Sticky "Links to Download Manuals & Interesting Web Sites"
where it will be easier to find for future readers of the forum and where it will not get buried down in the normal postings.

If it is something being offered FOR SALE,then it should be posted on the B/S/T Forum.

John (CSAEOD) makes two comments that I feel I must correct: the first is the lack of success of the IAA Journal classified ads. I see no reason to doubt John’s claim that he and [some] others have had no success in selling items through the Journal classified ads. HOWEVER, a large number of people have been successful. I can count over 40 emails on my system, this year alone, from people who have been successful and either asked me to remove their ad because they are sold out (and so stated) or have asked me to continue it because it is successful.

Secondly, John claims that the IAA has fewer members today that it had ten years ago. Not true - we have more members now that at any time in our history (I have been an IAA officers for over 20 years).

Part of this success is people like John who have written quality articles to raise the standard of the IAA Journal over the last 10 years. This also due to people promoting the IAA and “beating the bushes” for material for me to publish. I certainly do not want them to get the feeling that their efforts have been wasted.

Chris Punnett, IAA Editor

How long does it take to be accepted in the USERGROUP?

What was the high number during the Buttweiler years ?

Secondly, John claims that the IAA has fewer members today that it had ten years ago. Not true - we have more members now that at any time in our history (I have been an IAA officers for over 20 years).

Membership has been in the 1000 range for many years and still is. Given the percentage of people who collect and/own guns in the US our numbers are inconsequential. This is not due to the quality of our publication which is tops and better all the time most due to Chris and his hard work. It is due to failure to promote the association properly and to internal politicals.

When Rob Buttweiler and I set off to change the ICCA to the IAA it was with the eye toward bringing in the universe of ammunition collectors. Rob got tired of the contention and bowed out much to all of our detriment. Nobody produces auction catalogues with the quality of items and research which he did - nobody. He was the first professional ammo collector’s auctioneer and , I regret to say , likely the last. His last comment to me before resigning was “bullets are boring” . I am not there yet but the contention is boring and I am done with it.