Buying Russian TechCrim ammunition?

Does anyone know where I could go about purchasing TechCrim ammo? I’m mainly looking at their .366 TKM and 9.3x53r loadings for oval bored “shotguns”, but I’d be interested in whatever. Can we even get it in the US? I’ve been doing some reading and heard that we can’t, due to some import restrictions, but I’ve also seen TechCrim 8mm and 12 ga for sale, so I’m unsure.

The only Techcrim ammo I know of in the U.S. are the repacked Polish 8mm Mauser surplus stuff, and some odd solid zinc 12ga slugs. I wouldn’t think there are any restrictions on importing the .366 TKM or the 9.3x53r, just that there are no guns in the U.S. for them, so no importer would want it, for now anyway.

Historically it appears that the 9x53mmR (9.3x53mmR) round has been imported into the US. Here’s some photos of a box and the rounds it contains, from a friends collection.

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Brian, great box, thanks.

First time I see this box, well done Brian!

Brian, while this is a very nice box, the 9x53R is not the same as the 9,6x53R which is the Lancaster “shotgun” round. The 9,6x53R is a much newer development.

Please note also that the 9x53R (Russian load) and 9,3x53R (Finnish load) are different and generally regarded not interchangable and neither of them are the same as the 9,6x53R “shotgun” cartridge.
The Finnish round uses a 9,3 mm (.366"), and “normal” 9 mm bullets would not engage the rifling in a 9,3 barrel.
I have a Finnish Sako-rebuilt Mosin Nagant which uses the 9,3x53R, so I am painfully aware of this needing pretty expensive 9,3 bullets rather than normal 9 mm/.356" ones…


Sometimes it’s hard to find their ammo in local market. They produce a small amount of commercial ammunition that is repacked and marked with a CIP rules, they may change only the primers in surplus ammo (Murom). I like their steel core 7,62TT originally from Lugansk Ammo Plant and 7,92 Mauser on 1933 with original powder.

They become famous with new quasi-rifled shotgun calibers, but some of them are poor quality since the steel case that being expanded to use the large bullet size usually get cracked, many claims that bullet has jamed in the barrel and etc.