Bxn 62?

I happened to come across a small box of I’m assuming bxn 62 rounds with a silver colored tip. I’m curious to know how much they may cost, I can’t seem to find them on Google


Good morning, M-Cladwell4201 and welcome to this Forum. These are Czechoslovakian 7,62 x 54R cartridges, steel case, light ball with steel core, made by Sellier & Bellot, Prague, factory in Zbrojovka Vlàsim, in 1962. It seems to me they come in the original box in good condition. Unfortunately for you, we do not discuss about value in this section. And yes, I know you do not have acces to the sell-buy-trade section as you are not a member of the IAA. Maybe you should search on sites of ammunition auctions.

Here in the US, this is common “shooter grade” surplus ammunition with no real collector value. I have seen similar ammunition sell for $5-$10 USD per 20 rd. box.

I have to respectfully disagree with AKMS in one aspect which is because a box of cartridges is currently considered surplus/shooting ammo and as such is currently very common and relatively cheap in price, such cartridges have:

a) Historical value and represent a military cartridge that was produced in a given country during a given year or period of time.

b) Represent a particular production method and variation in case material, bullet type and tip marking and packaging as opposed to what was/is produced by other countries using the same caliber of cartridge.

c) While large quantities of such ammo may have been imported for shooters to use and thus are common for a period of time, as such ammo is consumed by shooters over time, eventually such cartridges may become less and less common and finding nice clean rounds in original packaging becomes a challenge.

Just my 2 cents!