Bxn 7.62x54r - what year for copper washed cases?


Does anyone know what year(s) the bxn 7.62x54r ammo switched from green lacquer to copper washed steel cases?

I guess what I’m really interested in are the years of production for bxn green lacquer 7.62x54r ammo, particularly the light ball type.

The earliest example I have is bxn 65 and the latest is bxn 72.


The earliest I know of is from 1964 and the latest from 1987 but it seems the production of copper plated cases was inconsistent.


Thanks. That’s a bigger range than I expected.

Someone told me they had some bxn 88 with lacquered cases but I haven’t seen any pictures of it yet…


The latest laquered one I know of is a 1992 proof.

The 1987 was as you asked only for the ball type.


Yes, thanks. I am interested in the ball type ammo specifically.