By what method is this type HS done


This is a very quick photo of the head of a cadmium-plated steel cased L/60 Bofors.

The very shallow headstamp looks like it was applied by an electro-pencil, as it is a series of impressed dots, but that can’t be, unless it computer driven & so to be able to do the quantity and quality need for this application.

So a name for this method of headstamping would be appreciated and perhaps a simple explanation?


Maybe laser-engrave headstamp.



Brian, looking back at when these steel cases were made I think laser marking in this quality was technically not possible (or done at all).

Pete, a better image of the stencilling would be helpfull.


“Electrical erosion”


Pete, Any chance of a better picture as yours does not enlarge very well at all.

The only method like this that I have seen was vibro-engraving and don’t think this was used on cases but it has a very distinct pattern but without being mechanised is rather random in its appearance even with a skilled operator. By mechanised a simple hardened template being used as a guide would do or maybe driven by a pantograph!


Pete, I have a 40 shell casing just like the one you’ve shown. The head stamp markings are “engraved” 40MM-MK3 7-45 CL-RV anchor? black ink stamped 3868

Along the side of this cartridge stamped in large black ink letters are UG-162-HA-54
Tom from MN


Howdy gents
Thanks for the input here is a better photo of the letters. You can see they are formed by a series of parallel lines of shallow dots.
But this is 1945 vintage. So Mike might have nailed it.

Still I’d like to be sure, so…

The details in this round are as follows, but I have another one or two examples using this to form the headstamp.

Headstamped ‘ 40MM MK3 3-45 CL - RV ⚓ ‘ with an electro pencil? and “3262” with a black rubber stamp, it is without a primer. A cadmium-plated steel case with black “UL-48 U-45” print and a sticker. The rotating band has a smudge so the remaining stamp is just “3-H- LOT-382”. The green bullet has a black band a red tip, spanner-flats, and the white band is stamped “MK27-1 UR LOT 3919 4 45”.

Tom it’s close to yours, & thanks very much,

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