C.1929 Dominion Cartridge Co.Box with 13 .22 Cartridges

Hi, another newbie here who knows nothing about collectable cartridges. Im curious if this box and ammo is even of interest to a collector. Not sure if the pic will come thro at your end-not very good at posting pics. Any replies at all would be most welcome.

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I would say yes, some collectors would be interested, even torn up as it is.
Interesting advertising: “Adapted to the various arms of this caliber”…

Thanks for your reply Jack and nice to know it may be of value to a collector, even with the box condition. I also thought the “Adapted to the various arms of the caliber” was interesting. One last question if you`d be so kind-are cartridges from this era and manufacturing co. common? Thought it was neat to find them in the box.Any info. is most appreciated here and thanks again.


Commom? I could not answer that…
I have found ammo that I thought was common that I got for a song, and was told it was very scarce, and ammo that I thought was scarce and likely paid too much for, when the next guy shows me 37 full unopened boxes for $20 each [exagerating just a bit maybe…].

Thanks Jack and understood.Was just curious as its a Montreal Canada manufacturing co. Ill try to do further research on this and again…thanks for replying.