C.A.-headstamped 380

Found this 380 Auto-sized Berdan-primed case last week.

Headstamp appears to be “C.A.” over “B-42”. Anybody know what C.A.stands for, and is the B-42 a date?

This is an Italian 9x17 . It is known as 9mm Corto (9mm Short) in Italian.

“C.A.” is the initials of the factory inspector.

B-42 indicates that it was made at Pirotecnico di Bologna in 1942.

Pivi or one of the other Italian members can probably tell you more about it.

That is the case for a standard 9mm M34 (9 mm Corto, .380 auto) cartridge made for the Italian Government at Pirotenico di Bologna in 1942. The letters “C.A.” are the initials of the Chief Government Inspector at Bologna at that time, giving the last name first which is common in Italian, and stands for Cavallo Alfredo (or, in our fashion, Alfredo Cavallo). It was for the Beretta Modelo 1934 pistol.

Can’t think of anything else to say about it.

I can confirm that everything that has been said corresponds perfectly