C C C 433 E headstamp

can not find in my books I think the C C C is Clinton Cartridge Company or Creedmoor Cartridge Company or not. The 433 E I can not find. Empty case rim .647 case 1970

Dont know CCC, but I believe the calibre is .433 Egyptian

turned case, or drawn case? Connecticut Cartridge Co.

It was getting late when I posted the CCC 433 E. It is a bottleneck rimmed case. rim 643 - case 1970 - head 576 - shoulder 556 - neck 492 unloaded no primer. It has not been fired mouth 455. Is the 433 E a DWM number?

A turned brass case as made on a lathe, from a solid piece of brass or one made by drawing the brass cup through a series of punches. If turned you should be able to see the tool marks going around the body and on the head.

It is a .443 Egyptian & the company is as I stated. The .433 comes from the American conversion / name for the Egyptian Remington metric cartridge.

It is a drawn case. I found the 443 Egyptian under 11mm Egyptian Remington. Thanks for the help