C.D.Leet No 10 ga


Just to show this nice shotshell headstamp.
I know there are pinfire No 10 Ga units but this is CF. Any information will be appreciate (year?, used civil war?)



C.D. Leet was in business from 1860 to 1866 mostly making rim fire cartridges. I would think these were made at some point during that time. I believe Aaron Newcomer had a thread on here about the pinfires, which were probably made at close to the same time. I also believe there is a singe shell in 12 bore size known, but can’t remember if it is PF or RF.

Also it’s highly unlikely to have been used in the civil war as the shotgun was not an accepted or issued weapon as such, but it could have found it’s way to being used to secure meat for the pot.

Nice clean headstamp.

My understanding from the book on combat shotguns that the Calvary soldiers extensively used shotguns in the Civil War often discarding their issued weapon. The South especially used shotguns usually brought from home.

Good to know & thanks Muck