C headstamp on .22 WMR


I have 3 fired cases of .22 Winchester Magnum. I think all these cartridges was made by Omark Industries Inc., CCI-Speer / Sporting Equipment Division, Lewiston, Idaho, USA

But first headstamp (letter C) on the picture is visually bigger then other. What does it mean? Another manufacturer or another year of manufacturing?


I’m holding an older CCI .22 WMR cartridge in my hand and comparing it to your picture, proportionally it appears to be the same. I would say it is just a variation used by CCI.


Do you mean that cartridge with big letter C was made before 1967, before Cascade Cartridges, Inc. (CCI) became a part of Omark Industries?


CCI didn’t start selling 22 WMR until Dec. 1971 so all of them would be from Omark-CCI. Omark bought CCI in Jan. 1967. The smaller “C” are the newer ones.


Thank you very much for this info