C-I-L Question

While going through some of my stuff which has been packed away for over 20 years, I ran across four boxes of C-I-L .38 Special 148 grain full wadcutter target ammunition, in brown and yellow boxes. I remember buying ten or so of these boxes very cheaply at a flea market back in the late 1970s. I note the boxes have the child warning printed on them, dating them from no earlier than the early 1960s. The headstamps are DOMINION. So, when did C-I-L quit making ammunition? I seem to remember reading that Valcartier (IVI) took over the C-I-L ammunition operations, but I don’t know when.

Back then I was a 3-gun bullseye shooter, and I did shoot up most of this C-I-L ammunition at that time. I do remember that the cases had a propensity to split upon firing, either the first time on on the first reload.

CIL took over Dominion in 1928. In 1976 they sold their ammunition operations to Les Industries Valcartier, Inc. or I.V.I. Both CIL and Dominion carried the “D” headstamps.

While C-I-L did sell their commercial ammo facilities to IVI in 1976, they did retain an interest in a plant that made larger calibers cannon ammo (I cannot recall exactly which calibers). This was kept low profile and I only found out when the US government launched a law suit against C-I-L in the early 1990s following an accident with “C-I-L ammunition” during Gulf War 1.

I should add that C-I-L did not take over Dominion Cartridge Company (DCC) in 1928. DCC merged with a number of companies in 1910 to form Canadian Explosives Limited which became C-I-L in 1927. In 1928 DCC was renamed as the Dominion Ammunition Division of C-I-L.