C.I.P. standards

In corresponding with a non member about the 17 Aguila/PMC just noticed that there is no C.I.P. symbol on the boxes. This makes me think that no specification standard has been set up for this cartridge/chamber yet.

Can somebody tell me date wise when the C.I.P standards came into being and who was involved in setting the organization up?


An outstanding article on proofing and it’s history can be found on the Birmingham Proof House’s web site: http://www.gunproof.com/Proofing/proofing.html

As well there is a thorough Wikipedia entry on the Commission Internationale Permanente: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commission … Portatives (the forum is being twitchy, you’ll need to cut and paste that)

CIP’s web site: http://www.cip-bp.org/

christopherb - I have viewed those websites. Recently though I tried to find the C.I.P. pressure ratings for the 9x18 cartridge and couldn’t find it on line.

After a series of emails with Carlo Fiocchi (of Fiocchi Ammunition) I learned the C.I.P. pressure for 9x18 is 1,600 bar.

Is there a place where we can look online to see the complete list of C.I.P. pressure limits? If I’ve missed it in the threads you posted could you direct my efforts.


You’ll find the 9x18 under the above mentioned website www.cip-bp.org
telechargement… tdcc.

[quote=“h_broemel”]You’ll find the 9x18 under the above mentioned website www.cip-bp.org
telechargement… tdcc.[/quote]

I don’t read that language and can’t see how to use the search feature.

Give Google Translate a whirl:
translate.google.com/translate?h … f%26sa%3DG

You have not to be able to read the site - simply open that page and look for tdcc and telechargement as I told you.
Here is the complete link:


I downloaded the Zip file, it was well worth it.