"C.O.P." SCHP pistol loads

I have just today noticed this new line of ammo called “C.O.P.” which is another in the long line of SCHP type bullets out there to go along with the Barnes XPB, Grizzly Xtreme, and Magtech solid copper HP type bullets:

The only place on the internet with any mention of them is MidwayUSA which carries a full line, or the above site which I think is the parent company? I emailed them and asked what the bullets were and who manufactured them. Rareammo.com does have unique packaging for 9mm, .45acp, .40S&W, and .380acp. I am not 100% clear on whether the MidwayUSA offerings are from Rareammo with those same boxes or what, but hopefully I will have an email response soon.

I received from MidwayUSA today some boxes of “C.O.P.” SCHP ammo, and it is the same as the stuff shown at Rareammo.com. Below is an image scan of the back of the 9mm box and I assume all of their boxes are identical like this. The side panel with the UPC code does have printed information however (not a sticker), with caliber, grain weight and type:

The bullets are not the same type made by Barnes or by Magtech, and it appears to be the type sold by General Bullet out of Grafton, OH:

and Rareammo’s whole line is probably sourced from General Bullet:

Although I am sure that they perform similarly to the many loads which use Barnes SCHP bullets or Magtech SCHP bullets, I am not sure the statement on the package about having a “proprietary manufacturing process” or having a “superior product that exceeds all others” are to be believed. It seems like they are just a typical loading facility using economy-priced copper bullets from General Bullet, and brass from Federal (FC headstamps on my 9mm) or Starline. They are priced very competitively for a SCHP type load anyway, so that is a plus. The packaging is interesting in that they misspelled rigorous as “rigourous”.