C.W. Cartidge Company

Anybody know of it. I couldn’t find any mention with the search engine. I am looking at a box of Nitrated paper cartridges with lubricated projectiles and wonder if this is from the late 19th century or a modern reproduction. Thanks

This is a box of modern shooting cartridges made by C. W. Cartridge Co., Wood-Ridge, New Jersey and was advertised as a new product in 1978.

The cartridge body is made of nitrated paper and was offered in sheets to roll your own in .45, .50 and .54 caliber, and in .54 caliber was also offered already rolled and loaded three different bullets: 380 gr Buffalo Slug (hollow base), 415 gr conical Minié (hollow base) and 425 gr Buffalo Slug (solid). Besides it designation, it was intended for .52 caliber Sharps Improved rifles.

Thanks, that really helps. Is there much of a market for them? I couldn’t find an up-to-date listing for the C. W. Cartridge Company.

I guess this is probably more interesting to collectors than shooters, if this means anything. As far as I can tell this company disappeared from directories in mid 1990’s and its last address was 242 Highland Ave., Kearny, NJ.