C3 9x19 training for Italian Police

Good morning
as promised yesterday, here is the 9mm cartridge produced and sold by the C3 company to the Italian Police (Public Security P.S.).
It is a training cartridge, the ball with nickel coating, is not an FMJ type and therefore not a NATO standard.

on the base… C3(name of company) 01(first lot) P.S.(pubblica sicurezza,italian police) 07(year of manufactured)

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Wow - the first I have seen or heard of this C3 headstamp. The 9 mm is becoming almost impossible to collect in earnest, with old and new headstamps appearing almost daily. This one is, if the year-date is 2007, already 13 years old, and I have never seen it mentioned in any literature about the 9 mm Para cartridge.

The P.S.-marked 9 mm rounds from G.F.L. while not super common, are not even what I would call rare. This C3 is a big surprise. thank’s for posting.


Who made this case?

good question i i will ask to owner of C3

They emailed me awhile back saying they get from various outside sources though mainly from PS at the time (Fall 2019). Another sample below.
C3 9mm luger zpsxioo32km

Is that an inside out primer?

Yes it is.

I have never seen the “C3” headstamp for the Italian police either. Impossible to stay on top of all this.

Any chance of a photo of the box???

Many thanks for your post


unfortunatly all this cartridges of italian police went to destruction , wen i had the possibility to take some, the boxes were already destroy :(.
When owner of c3 replay me i ask for a box photo

Just in case anyone is wondering, “C3” stand for “Centerfire Cartridge Co.”.

Fede, like in my case!
Thanks a lot, great info!

I have speaked whit owner of C3, this case was made by S&b for C3

Nicola, excellent info, thanks!

Another point to clarify regarding all Italian contracts bearing the initials “P.S.”, is that they stand for “Polizia di Stato” and not “Pubblica Sicurezza”.