Cabelas Herter's Select Grade Aluminum Cased Nyclads

Well, Cabelas is at it again with some new 9MM ammo using CCI Blazer aluminum cases and what appears to be a Federal Nyclad coated 115gr bullet. … -box.shtml

Well, from a shooter’s standpoint, I would prefer to get Federal ammo from Walmart for less money, and brass cases that I can reload/sell to reloaders/sell for scrap.

It’s interesting to see that the points of marketing emphasis advertised for this ammo are price and elimination of copper fouling. Does anybody know if cleaning a barrel after 100rds of Nyclad ammo is better/different than cleaning after 100rds of copper jacketed ammo? On the price issue, it’s usually not that hard to find boxes of 9mm with reloadable boxer-primed brass jackets and copper jacketed FMJ bullets for around $10 - $13 which is the same price range as the TNJ stuff (never mind the inexpensive Russian steel jacket stuff which is equally un-reloadable) . On the Cabelas website right now they have MFS 9mm FMJ on reloadable 100% brass cases for a sale price of $8.99 per 50.

All that being said, I do like a new specialty colored tip / coated-projectile for collecting. They will probably have a decent number of buyers just based on the color of the coating. I bet if the color was clear-coat they would only have half as many prospective buyers. They might ought to look into a pink colored bullet coat to market to the women shooters. The only other time I have seen that angle is from Ten-X with their “pink Lady” 38spl truncated load.

Neat-looking cartridge; prior to this only 124gr JHP and RN pills were NyClad-ed (if this is indeed a Federal-made projectile) in 9mm.

With regards to cleaning/low-tox…the ‘clad’ is definitely better than RNL for aerosolized lead at the firing point and lead in the barrel. However, it does require more thorough cleaning in my experience than FMJ/TMJ projectiles. Same as Sim/FX and other plastc bullets, plastic can accumulate in ‘strips’ along conventional rifling. That’s the reason the G17T comes with a brass/copper brush as opposed to the standard Glock plastic cleaning brush.

The Nyclad line was always a fav of mine…cool-looking, easy-expanding (at least in the cartridges in which it was actuall designed to expand–124gr 9mm JHP and 125gr .38sp JHP), with none of the concerns of typical all-lead ammo.

I’m betting the Herter’s product is just a cheaper way to make 9mm practice fodder…the price of nylon ain’t doing what the prices of brass and copper are.

Here are some photos of the Herter’s TNJ ammo from Cabelas in 9mm, .40S&W, and .45acp that I received recently. It’s about as I expected, with the only remarkable thing being that there is some nylon chipping around the base of all the bullets it seems. From the loading process I assume?