Cabinet & liner material for storage of cartridges? HELP!


I was told a while back about a cabinet that is perfect for cartridge storage/organization/display.
It had several narrow drawers that had slots/grooves.
For some reason a “typesetter” cabinet comes to mind.
Can anyone help me with this?? My CRS (Can’t Remember Shit) disease is in full gear on this!



Tom–These types of cabinets might seem like great cartridge storage, but in reality they are bad for such use. Back in the 1940’s & 1950’s many people were using Typesetters and Thread Spool cabinets, and people noticed that all their lead bullets were turning to white powder. The problem was traced to tannins from the oak wood normally used in these cabinets.

A better choice, and usually less expensive, are used metal Blueprint or Map files. You can often find these for $50 or less for 5 drawer units because everyone that used to use these big files have converted to digital
copies stored on computer.


Tom, Here is the post I posted a few days ago about the watchmarker parts cabinets


Also, as Ron mentioned, I have also just bought 2 five drawer flat files. (flat files is what they seem to be most commonly referred to as when I was searching.)

Call local architects and see if they have any they don’t need anymore or look on craigslist for “flat file”

If you get these, find a local paper supply company that specializes in fiberboard and get some “A flute single-face corrugated fiberboard” to line the drawers. ( info )


Thanks all!
I will go for a metal flat file cabinet.


I do not room for the flat drawer style so I have begun to get the plano plastic tackle boxes 1 3/4" thick with removable dividers and they not only store many cartridges they stack real nice.


Use the plano boxes myself. It works but not for the cutaways, too much jiggle. Currently looking at metal mechanics tool boxes/chests with rolling slides on the drawers. They are lockable, have thin draws, stackable, on wheels, and come in every color. Think it was in Peppers pics, it looked liked he had a wall of them! Wonder if he got the one with the stereo system? wolf


I came across a 5-drawer metal flat file cabinet with a stand and I am currently starting to load my collection into the drawers.
Taking some pointers from others on this site, I have created rows about 4.5" wide the full width of the drawers and used 3/4" angle iron to divide the rows.
Each row has a strip of “A” Flute Single Face corrugated to keep the cartridges in order.

I was trying to locate the larger JUMBO flute single face, but as of yet have struck out locally or online.



Tom–While I am sure the 3/4" steel angle iron works well, it would seem to me to be overkill. 1/2" or 3/4" wood quarter round (as long as it is pine, or better, Douglas Fir) would be less expensive and a lot lighter weight. But, if you do decide to use the steel, be sure to line the face of it where the the cartridges in contact with the metal with some thin cardboard or you could end up have corrosion due to two dissimilar metals touching each other.


With the metal drawers, my plan is to use magnets (as suggested by another member) for labels which will stick to the steel angle metal. My plan is to wrap the metal with clear packing tape which will eliminate the issue of disimilar metals…at least that is my hope!
I can also use magnets to stabilize the metal dividers without having to “adhere” anything to the drawers so I can rearrange as needed in the future.


Tom–The only drawback I can see in your plan is to wrap the metal with clear packing tape. I don’t know where you live, but if your cartridge storage area gets very warm the tape could ooze sticky glue.



I can’t find Jumbo flute either, I don’t think it really exists. I think all of Pepper’s pictures are elaborate hoaxes! ;)


However, I have been checking out this product, which is a new, 100% cellulose product that can be cut and used like wood. It is called wellboard and the manufacturer is

Here is a very nice info/data sheet:

I just emailed the US reseller and I will let you know what I hear from them. This looks PERFECT.


Aaron–Yes, keep us posted on what you find out, especially the price. This really looks promising. I looked at your link and it appears that there are sizes perfect for anything up to 20mm cartridges. I just hope it is not too expensive. If it turns out to be as good as it appears, and if there is a fairly large minimum order, maybe several of us could order together.


I sent a link to the paper distributer that I have been in contact with here in the Pacific NW.
I also sent the manufacturer an email as well to see if there is any company up this way that is reselling the product.

If we need to buy quantity I also would be willing to join in the purchase if it is a reasonable cost.



I went to my local convience store and found plastic corrugated material used around the bottom of beer displays. While it has advertisment on one side the other is plain white plastic.

The manager was kind enough to save the material for me when the display had run it’s life as a display. Works great, the plastic does not affect the cartridges and is free!



Can you post a close up photo?
Would be curious to see how large the fluting is???
Does it lay flat in the drawer??


Just got off the phone with Jim Salazar, he is the US reseller of the Wellboard product. He tells me that the material is brought into the country from Germany on a made to order basis and there is a minimum.
He is looking into the cost/quantity.
He is also sending me samples of the product…


For those who care to know, so you know what you really want when your contacting companies, here is a link that explains Flute Sizes and gives the dimensions of the different flutes.


For my blue print file cabinet I ended up with ‘C’ flute material that came in 8 inch wide rolls. It seems to secure everything from .22 cal up to .50 Browning with no problems. I placed a small bit of double sided tape at each end and the middle to stop the cardboard from sliding.
I found it at one of the paper supply companies where I live. The gentleman running the business said that because it was a bit on the old side (I can’t tell the difference) I could have two 250 foot rolls for free.