Cable cutter questions

I purchased this round many moons ago as a .45 cal. Cable Cutter, the headstamp is CUTTER MARK 12 MOD 1 the base is stained Red, it has a large flat nose lead bullet seated just above the case neck which mikes out to .50, case length is 1.53in, my questions are. was this a US or British round, did it have a military mark no. and what is the correct calibre and lastly how was it fired. hope someone can help, thanks, Randy

The “Mark X Model Y” is US Navy practice.

Probably either Barrage Balloon cable cutter or Carrier Deck arrestor cable cutter. Used with a special attachment which had a Cold-Chisel bearing on the cable, and the lead bullet hit the Piston of the chisel in a tube, and drove the chisel through the steel cable. Some versions had a hardened lead encased chisel wedge which parted the cable directly.

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Perhaps it was the same cutter used for arresting cables but there was also one for towing cables used by smaller ships. Some of this equipment is on the museum that I volunteer with. If I get a chance next week I will look into it.

The one I recall on the Bainbridge was bolted to the deck when rigged, and the towing cable passed thru it. There was a large chisel and a chamber for the round, which GMs installed and removed. It was fired by striking a firing pin with a large hammer. I never saw this loaded or rigged, during my brief time in Deck Division. Our old Chief Boatswain called it “a mankiller”. For some reason I recall it used a .45-70 blank, same as for the old line throwing guns but don’t quote me on that one.

This thread may help, Randy; the attached .pdf shows two different mine-cutting heads and how they worked. … light=mine

Thanks guys, that answers all my questions, interesting stuff. Randy