CAC * 270 * NZFS * .270 Winchester

Here is a 270 Winchester headstamp that even a jaded 9x19mm collector can appreciate!

NZFS = New Zealand Forest Service

CAC = Colonial Ammunition Company

Had to share it!

Would trade for a 9x19 NZFS headstamp…

We have the late great Lynn Harris to thank for this cool headstamp, He worked in the NZFS at the time and was asked to design this headstamp, because he had an interest cartrigdes he came up with this. People who knew Lynn maybe can tell a better story.

Had a dig through my pile of NZCCC magazines and found an article in Bulletin #291 Oct/Nov 1994 about the history of this headstamp written by Lynn Harris, one purpose of the special headstamp was to stop the black market sales of Government ammunition, another reason for the headstamp was quote: “I had a secert desire to produce a cartridge with a unique headstamp”. There are two bullet weights: 130 grs & 150 grs. The first of the cartridges came out of the CAC factory in April 1969

Tom…What did the NZFS use the 270 Winchester cartridge for ?..Just curious…

I belive it was used mainly for red deer control, maybe also have been used to control pests such as feral goats, thar, pigs.

We had a discussion of this cartridge a couple of months ago here on the Forum. I got this cartridge, a loaded round, directly from Lynn back about 1982. He told me that another major use was for shooting off pine cones from the top of the trees to get the seeds for genetic studies. It was the best way to get the seed cones as climbing the trees was too dangerous.

Tom–How about scanning that article and posting it here on the Forum in honor of the late, great, Lynn Harris.

Would it not be a great job to get free ammo be in the woods and shoot pine cones all day!!!


I know there was also a .222 NZFS round that was used primarily for deer control. I haven’t seen one so can’t tell anything about the headstamp but I do have a couple of empty boxes at home if anyone is interested in seeing them.

I have seen full boxes of these .222 NZFS cartridges, from what can I remember the cartridges were reformed .223 cases with military headstamps, I also remember alot of the necks were cracked- poor storage or manufacture

Here is the article mentioned by Tom giving the whole story of this cartridge. Click on each page to enlarge it for easier reading.

Lew - thanks for starting this thread. It made me think a lot about Lynn today, after reading it.

Ron - thanks for posting that article Lynn wrote. It was one of the few things I don’t think I have that he wrote, including a couple of his general gun books and his book on the Wildlife of New Zealand (No, he was not talking about my fellow NZCCC members!).

Lynn was a great guy, and I had the honor of his visit to my home on several occasions. I could not begin to say how much I learned from that man about cartridges, and about New Zealand, in my weekly emails with the Old Possum. It was an honor to know him. I still have a couple of hose NZFS .270s and will keep one the remainder of my life as a remembrance of Lynn, not that I need any object for him to be in my thoughts.

Thank you Ron for posting the Lynn Harris artricle