CAC New Zealand Gaudet Packet?


I guess these are the Gaudet .303s. An interesting packet anyway




Neat!!! What time period is it? NZ ammo is something I don’t see in US.


Only a wild guess on my part, but I would think it’s prior to 1910. Maybe an NZ member could be more precise.



The date of the bundle is 1902 and printed on the wrapper below ‘BLACK POWDER LEAD BULLET’. I have a wrapper sans contents. From information I have accumulated the headstamps are New Zealand cases and British Mk IV cases i.e. CAC, CAC C II, CAC C IV, R^L C IV, 6 C IV, KN C IV and unheadstamped. I presume that like other gallery/ short range types the were reloaded from fired cases. I believe there is another bundle dated 1904.



Hi Les,

Good to hear from you. I guessed there would be someone out there with the knowledge I lacked.
Thanks for your input.