Cal. 11,25 Argentina

These 4 boxes came from from our friends and IAA members in Argentina that attend SLICS
I believe I have them in the correct order (old to new).
Also a picture of note describing the different boxes and dates
From the top.
Box 1 is from 1935 - 44 with FAMMAP on end flap.
Box 2 is from 1944- 51 with FMMAP on end flap
Box 3 - not sure what time frame this box is from?
Box 4 is from 1951-1970?
Do I have these boxes dated correctly?

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Deleted to avoid confusion with Fede’s more complete information, below.

John Moss

Hi Bob,

All four boxes date from the 1944-1950 timeframe. The top one is the earliest of the four because it shows the earlier side panel from the 1939-44 timeframe.

The name of the city of Puerto Borghi was changed to Fray Luis Beltrán in 1950, but the factory adopted the name of the county of San Lorenzo, where that city was located. In 1961, the factory finally changed its name to Fray Luis Beltrán.

@John, the timeframes in your list are correct, but below you can see an update with some additions:

Headstamp markings timeframe:

F.A.M.A.P. = 1936-1938
F.M.M.A.P. = 1938
F.A.M.M.A.P. = 1938-1944 (in .45 Auto only 1939-1944)
F.M.M.A.P. “B” = 1944-1950
F.M.C. “S L” = 1950-1956
F.M. “S L” = 1956-1961 (in .45 Auto only 1956-1958)
F.M. “F.L.B.” = 1961-1971 (in .45 Auto only 1962-1970)
F.L.B. = 1971-74 (in .45 Auto only 1971-1973)
FLB = 1973-2019 (in .45 Auto only 1973-1998)

The San Francisco factory was located about 250 km from Fray Luis Beltrán, in the province of Córdoba. The original name since 1944 was Fábrica Militar de Munición de Armas Portátiles “San Francisco” (F.M.M.A.P. S. F.), so the F.A.M.M.A.P. “S.F.” acronym was never used.

The last cartridges were manufactured in 1991 (9 mm) and the factory closed in December 1996.

Headstamp markings timeframe:

F.M.M.A.P. S. F. = 1944-1950
FMCSF = 1951-1959
FMC “S F” = 1950, 1962-1970
FM “S F” = 1962-1972
"S. F." = 1974
"S F" = 1975-1981
F.M.S.F. = 1979 and 1981
FMSF = 1959, 1972-1991




Fede - as always, amigo mio, you are a wonder! Thank you very much. I will delete my answer so as not to confuse the issue. I got my information years ago, when I wrote a monograph on Argentine Auto Pistol Cartridges. I am not sure if it was ever published or not. I had a lot of help, of course, from some of the Argentine collectors. But, we have all learned more, even about ammunition from out own countries, since then. GREAT to have an update. I will put a print out of this thread in the folder with that article.

Muchisimas gracias, y ti mando un abrazo fuerte.

John M.

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