Cal 12 70 Argentine Anti Riot shotgun cartridge,primer id ?!

Would like to know the manufacturer and primer type of specimen headstamped 12 AT 70 1 FLB 87 primer is 209 type but with 3 evenly spaced holes( 3 x 120 degrees),all brass material,hull is green plastic.-

Even without a photo, indeed is an argentine made anti riot shotgun round, manufactured by the Fray Luis Beltran ammunition factory of the state owned defense complex Fabricaciones Militares. AT means in spanish ANTI TUMULTO, FLB as said Fray Luis Beltran, the other numbers are (1)lot and (87) production year. Regarding the primer I have no data.

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If we only could see that primer…

70 might mean 70mm, meaning it is a standard 2.75-inch shell.
Anti-Tumulto > “Anti-Riot”. Is it tear gas or rubber shot?
Fabrica Militar > “Military Factory”

EOD,it is just a type 209 primer with the 3 small holes as mentioned while all primers of this type I have seen have the center which varies somewhat in diameter.
This one probably isn’t international standard(SAAMI or CIP).


Thanks Javier,
I was not to the point,of course I knew the make of the specimen(was there at FLB visiting with Steve Fuller back in nov 1991).
maybe it is a “tres oidos” primer heard about it more than 40 years ago but never got info on it.-
Greetings to the good old boys there

Eric !!!
What a nice surprise, send a PM to Fede, he will help you with the primer issue. For the lockdown the club is closed, we are all fine.

Hola Eric, the examples I have seen use a 5.05 mm non corrosive primer, not a 209 type. Below you can see a picture.

12 AT 70 01 FLB 87

Un saludo grande,


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Yes this is it,but who made the primer ?
Compared it with an old ORBEA cal 28,but has Cu primer cup,dimension the same.
Obviously am not a shotgun guy.-
Closed matter


Back then they made the primer themselves.

Thanks Fede !!!