Cal .22 for MG Training


During WWII, Cal .30 machine guns were converted to permit the use of Cal .22 ammunition (22 LR) for training purposes. One such conversion permitted the use of a conventional fabric belt. A primary component of the conversion was a Cal .22 Cartridge Holder . Photo on left shows the 3 parts of the unit. Clip, Belt Adapter, and Shell Holder. Next to them is an assembled unit with a Cal .22 cartridge in the Shell Holder. Photo on right shows two of the Cartridge Holders clipped in a belt. In use, the Shell Holder is extracted from the Belt Adapter and fed into the chamber for firing. The Belt Adapter remained in the belt, for re-use with a loaded Shell Holder.

Collectors will often find individual parts of a Cal .22 Cartridge Holder and not realize what they are. Now you know.


Thanks, I have the shell holder and did not know how it was put together, now to find the other two pieces. Vic


agreed…a simple/perfect lesson (for me) as I am sure I have passed over that info in a reference, but value a short description w/ photo


(now I need chunk of belt to put in my drawer !)