Cal 22 Tracer

just got a noce box of belgium made .22 tracer round. For who were these rounds made?

Nice one! I collect 22 tracers as a side project, and I have not seen this box before.


based on the fact that the information on the box is written is both French and Dutch I think it is most likely produced for the Belgium market.
(just my guess…)

hope this helps.


I have been under the impression that some of these early 22 tracer loadings were intended for use by soldiers in training who were using rifles with 22 adapters, or just 22 rifles. If this box was for Belgium, then the rifle in question might have been the Belgian Mauser model 1924/30 navy trainer of which they made 1000 in 1952 that could have used this ammo? The FN FAL also came out in 1954 (same as the ammo box date), but I don’t know if the 22 conversion kits existed in that first year?

In my youth there were lots of Eley made military packaged .22 tracers around in Britain. WW2 era. I was never quite sure what they were made for. Feeble in intensity they would only have been any good in total darkness.

The double language on the box also made me think about local use of the rounds. The prewar boxes of 7,65x54 ammo also have the double language.


Is “b 22 - A[/b]” the rifle model?