Cal .30 AP bullets (drawings)

These drawings were taken from; “History of the US Army Ordnance. Development and Experimental Projects.” Volume 4, Part 2. The text beneath each drawing is what that drawing is titled with on the page.

150g Caliber .30 Armor Piercing bullet with 73g steel core (experimental). (F.A drawing B-7983, dated August 14, 1920)
Used in testing armor plate.

Caliber .30 Armor piercing bullet (DuPont Product) (Manufactured in 1917)

190-Grain Caliber .30 Armor Piercing Bullet (Boat-tail type) (F.A Drawing B-8185)

Caliber .30 Armor Piercing Bullet (8,000,000 Manufactured by Motor Specialty Company in 1918)

Caliber .30 Armor Piercing Bullet Model of 1917 (Manufacture of this bullet was stopped during the World War. Superceded by Model of 1918)

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