Cal .30 Auto Pistol Ball Cartridges Model of 1918-Brick

I thought that this may be of interest to members. I just acquired this brick of .30 Pederson. I have had a single box in my collection for some time, but I have never seen an entire brick. The rounds are like new, HS - RA H 18.

Nice find!

Now you need to find two more and the bandoleer for three bricks!
(Find an extra one for me too!)

As a matter of fact, the gentleman I acquired this brick from had four of them!!! He wanted a large amount of money for the four bricks, but traded me one brick for a rifle I had that he wanted for his collection. The other three bricks are on consignment to sell as a lot. I tried to talk him into selling them individually but he insisted on selling all three at the same time. He is asking a LOT of money for them!!! He told me that they came out of the Rock Island Arsenal many years ago.

Very nice indeed !
Can I ask what the lot number rubber-stamped on the back of the brick is?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Pete, the lot number on all four bricks is 2S6

Thanks fredh46
My empty brick box, which is just like yours, is lot 18 & so wondered just how high the lots went.