Cal. .30 Blank Cartridge, T61 (Antenna Erecting) use


HWS Vol. 2 gives a pretty good background and description of the Cal. .30 Blank Cartridge, T61 (Antenna Erecting) but it doesn’t say how it was used (except to say that it was used with the AN/CRN-1 Radio).

Does anyone know what kind of device the blank was fired in?

Special purpose cartridge

Phil, the T-2 AN/CRN-1 was a radio buoy which was dropped over sea for navigational purposes. To my understanding of such devices the antenna has to be errected after the device is out of the aircraft and in the water. So a “CAD” cartridge makes sense here. The systems I knew so far had spring loaded folding antennas or self errecting strip shaped antennas.

Great cartridge you have there.

Here the device (image from the internet):