Cal.30 carbine Ball M1 Food Container


I have this container cal .30 carabine with 4 boxes
I have no idea what the meaning is of (unfit food container)please help!!



Not “unit food container” Vlad, but “UNFIT food container”, meaning when empty it should not be used for food.



I agree “Unfit Food Container” is a little choppy, almost a funny translation kind of thing. Basically what it means is that the container is NOT suitable or safe for storing/transporting food. A better way to to have said it would be “Container unfit for food”

A can that may have held gasoline or diesel fuel would be considered “Unfit Water Container”


All these “Airdrop” Spam cans ( late WW II, Korea and early Vietnam) were “Unfit for Food Use” due to the chemical treatment on the insides, and the Paint on the outside (Moisture repellant); the .30/06 cans have a more intelligible, grammatically correct wording.

THis Kings Mill ( old Peters Cartridge Co) ammo with a Evansville Chrysler repack
label is quite common, both in normal M1 type cans and in the “Spam cans”.

Wonder why they had to be “Repacked” at EC or ECS ( EC Sunbeam Plant)???

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


Even more than for storing food, these cans were marked “Unfit Food Container” as an admonition against using them as cooking utensils. Of course, putting these on the fire to cook up a meal would really add great flavor to the food what with the paint and the internal chemical treatment of the cans! Ughhh! Also no good for heating water and than pouring your C-Rats cocoa powder in to make hot chocolate! Gourd could probably tell us all about the various things they used their helmets and other containers such as ammo cans for!

John Moss


I believe the “repacked” markings reflect the shift from issue in wooden crates to use of the spam cans. This would have been a simple job- open the crate, inspect the 50 round boxes for condition, then pack and seal them in the spam can. The added “repack” marking would indicate the box passed inspection.

Spam cans would then be packed two or three to a new style wooden crate.

Apparently the spam cans were considered much better packing method, probably for use in the Pacific theater, than the older wooden crates.

I do not have any documentation that specifically states this, but it is based on carbine packing I have seen, and the trends for packing .30-06 ammo.


Later cans were often marked a little clearer - DO NOT USE AS FOOD CONTAINER.