Cal .30 Dummy Strippers, again, again

Well speak of the devil. On a recent thread I asked about strippers for Cal .30 Dummy cartridges and lo and behold, today I picked up a carton full of M1906 Dummy cartridges on strippers.

The cartridges are steel case with the GMCS M2 bullet seated short (added cannelure). Headstamps are three strippers of FA 4, and one stripper of FA 43.

The strippers are brass with no tabs and a steel spring. So, not exactly as described in the specs for 1942 strippers (all brass), but obviously a variation used during WW 2.

Dummy cartridges and stripper clips do not exactly turn me on but I’m a happy camper.


Hmmm … I’m fond of those passivated steel dummies, it’s an interesting finish with lots of subtle variation in colours.

Plus I’m a sucker for shiny things !!

The Cal 30 clips most often seen are the brass ones with a brass finish spring but they also exist with brass bodies and steel springs and with both parts in steel.

Happy collecting,



Now I know the secret to trading with you. If I offer you something shiny I can get whatever I want.

The clips in my carton of Dummy cartridges show up on your list of US Military chargers. They are way back on page 17 and, for a while, I thought I had something that even you did not have, but it was not to be. I am glad that I started the other thread otherwise I probably would have simply assumed the clips were missing the tabs. So, I thank both you and Dave for your help.